Puddle Jumper Puppies - Beautiful AKC Family-Raised Standard Poodles.
Book Releases
When we saw how few books are available regarding foster care and adoption
 issues our kids' trauma and attachment therapist compelled us to write our kids' healing stories.....  Also, a friend, who has one of our sweet puppies is training him as a service dog and has written a couple of wonderful books on her son's adventures with his service dog.
My children's adoption books
are now available at the Kindle store
and in hard copy at xlibris.com.
Two more just released & also
published in Adoption Today UK.

forever-for-real family. 

Baby Cakes' Tale
A poodle puppy's struggle to overcome the guilt of missing birth mom after adoption.
A poodle puppy's struggle
to avoid bullying, anger & racism.

NEW RELEASE from one of our very own service dog families: 
This book is based on a true story of a boy that received a service dog -- our Zoe & Zion's Ol'Toodles -- to help with his Sensory Processing Disorder. Service dogs can help special needs children make there everyday interactions more manageable. This book includes an afterword by Patty Dobbs Gross of The Northstar Foundation one of the largest children's Autism service dog providers.
 Watch for the Poodle Pages that North Star Foundation asked me to write for their 2nd upcoming book, "Angels Aware," for more info about our learning experience with poodles.
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