Puddle Jumper Puppies - Beautiful AKC Family-Raised Standard Poodles.

Each have excellent temperaments and pedigrees.
None of our dogs ever live in kennels;
as they are a part of our families.

Height:  24 1/2" (at shoulder)
Weight: 50#

Dinah Jane

AKC DNA Profile #:  

Dinah is our pick of litter from the 3rd generation of our own breeding from our Zoe -- eager-to-please, highly trainable, devoted -- line.  Dinah chose me the first day she was born; she was the first born in the litter and would crawl to me instead of her mama, London.  She has been the most affectionate puppy we've ever had.  Everyone in our family adores her. 

Many of the pups in her line have gone to become incredible service dogs -- several to North Star Foundation for Autism service dogs.  We are excited to see the wonderful varieties she will produce in the future. 


Height:  25" (at shoulder)
Weight: 55#

Mellow Mila 

AKC DNA Profile #:  

Mila is our pick of litter from the 3rd generation of our own breeding from our Ireland -- healthy, happy, tolerant -- line. Mila's been a dumpling from the start. Our kids call her "Monkey" because she liked to wrap her front paws around the kids when she was a puppy.  She's an incredible emotional support dog for our kids, and her babies have proven themselves to be extremely tolerant of all kinds of shenanigans.  

Several of her puppies have gone on to be wonderful service dogs, and are doing amazing in hectic school environments. 



London is a beautiful blue of our own breeding between Phantom Zoe CGC & Prince Zion.  I bonded with her since before she was 3 weeks old; I couldn't resist her big bright eyes, lovely face, and confident demeanor.  London is a little bit of a princess, and knows she has been adored since day one.  London is active and playful outside, but is affectionately referred to as our "lazy" poodle.  We have to practically drag her and our daughter (London's favorite girl) out of bed every morning.  They both love their snuggle time more than treats.

Height:  23 1/2" (at shoulder)
Weight: 50#

London Rain CGC

AKC Reg #PR16550901
AKC DNA Profile #:  V752139
OFA:  Both parents certified.


Vana is a very non-demanding, snuggly, and devoted little girl.  She's proven to be a very nurturing mama, and takes good care of our kids too.  She has also produced a beautiful variety of phantoms and brindle babies.

Height:  23" (at shoulder)
Weight: 45#

Heart is in Havana

AKC Reg #
OFA:  Both parents certified.



Maureen is a gorgeous red girl that was our pick of litter from our own Ireland & Zion.  She was the most spunky and beautiful from her litter, as she was chosen to be my agility & trick dog in training classes.  Maureen came to teach puppy obedience classes with me each week from 8 weeks old to 8 months old.  She slept through most of the boring sit-down-stay stuff, and was all rested up for play time and agility.  Maureen earned her Canine Good Citizen certification at 8 months old with flying colors.  She is the most nurturing and snuggly girl.  She takes care of our little foster daughter and tolerates her extraordinarily.  Maureen will spend hours cleaning and snuggling pups that are not even her own.  She is a natural nurturer.  We just adore her.

Height: 24" (at shoulder)
Weight: 55#
Maureen O'Hara CGC
AKC Reg #PR17803001
AKC DNA Profile #V752058


India lives in LaValle with our niece, Erin, who is an excellent groomer & trainer.  India is from our own breeding between Enchanted Ireland CGC & Phantom Takumi CGC.  Two of litter mates went to North Star Foundation and are working as service dogs, taking care of their kids that have Autism.  Erin takes India to work with her regularly & never requires a leash.  India is entirely devoted to Erin, & stays by her side without fail.  India is a very gentle, nurturing and sweet girl.

Height:  23 1/2" (at shoulder)
Weight: 50#

 Spicy India 
DNA Profile 


Red Standard Poodle with Gausof's championship bloodlines.
Ireland is a gorgeous red (although she fades after a litter).  She is wonderful with kids and is extremely nurturing, loyal, curious and protective, not to mention incredibly energetic and athletic.  Ireland comes from Gaushof's line of grand championship bloodlines in Germany--5 generations of reds.  She is also preceeded by many successful hunting dogs.

Height:  23 1/2" (at shoulder)
Weight: 50#

Enchanted Ireland CGC
AKC/CKC/UKC Registered.
AKC Reg #PR14817903
DNA Profile #V623902
OFA: Both Parents OFA certified

With Ireland's last litter of precious pups I am happy to announce that Egypt will be going into service work with NorthStar Foundation!!
Some of Ireland's stand out pups: One of Ireland's big boys, Noobie, is working at a university 3 days a week with his professor mommy, who is getting another boy from us for her daughter. Another of Ireland's girls, Etta James, works at a school with special needs kids for her administrator mom & is a natural. Another boy of Ireland's, Aurthur, proved himself to be a natural cancer alert dog & comforter, when he relentlessly warned his mom that something was wrong until doctors confirmed. Another Ireland boy, Aarie, became a therapy dog by a year old & dazzles nursing homes & hospitals alike regularly.......
Egypt is a calm & sweet soul that will get the privilege to take care of a child of her own. These matches make all of the hard work so worth while!!

Beautiful parti-colored standard poodle phantom.Zoe is a stunning silver and black phantom.  She is very intelligent, eager-to-please, calm, and loving (she has been the "mother hen" of our toddlers & our "training mama" of all the pups).  She excels at obedience training & agility; Zoe was frequently called "a real class act" during training.  She comes from championship "Kit-Sue" lines.  She can be found by my side day or night--completely devoted.  She even heals by my side while I ride my horse; I don't know what I would do without her.  Zoe is very poised and statuesque. 
Height:  24" (at shoulder)
Weight:  47#

Phantom Zoe CGC

AKC/CKC/UKC Registered.
AKC Reg #PR13672703
DNA Profile #V613014
OFA #PO-19519G24F-VPI:  Good

Sweet Baby is of our own breeding from our Phantom Zoe & Declan.  Our five year old at the time named her Sweet Baby.  We did everything we could to try to dissuade her, but the name stuck and it fits her personality perfectly.  Many people that come to visit our pups want to take Sweet Baby home with them.  She wiggles her way into everyone's hearts.  Sweet Baby is my husband's girl through and through; he thinks she can do no wrong.  
Height:  24" (at shoulder)
Weight:  55#

Sweet Baby Gray CGC

AKC Reg #PR15441410
DNA Profile #V700731 



Beautiful Violet is at home hanging out with her people!  
Violet is a sweet, charming, and nurturing beauty.  Violet has a large and impressive stature.  She is very elegant and loves to prance through town.
Height:  26" (at shoulder)
AKC DNA Profile #:  V623056

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