Puddle Jumper Puppies - Beautiful AKC Family-Raised Standard Poodles.
Photo Gallery
Phantom and apricot standard poodle pair.
Sleeping apricot male standard poodle.
Action shot of playful intelligent standard poodles.
Action shot of our Declan, Zoe, Violet, and Zion.
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Litter of 12 precious standard poodle puppies born 7/01/11
Zoe & Zion's babies.
Sweet, charming, and entertaining blue standard poodle puppy.
Standard poodle at girl's slumber party!A brand new couple of days old standard poodle puppy.Standard poodle at park with kids.Silver and Black standard poodle female with her litter of black puppies.Standard poodle puppy getting the love.Black standard poodle puppies playing dress up.Lizzy and Ireland from behind.Black & Red standard poodle puppies rocking with kids.Brand new apricot standard poodle puppy.Red standard poodle puppy napping.Daughter living it up with Zoe's litter.Standard poodle puppies with baby in basket.Brand new apricot standard poodle puppy.Standard poodle puppy litter of blacks, creams, apicots, and light reds.New apricot standard poodle puppy.Puppy love with a black standard poodle puppy.
Cream, light apricot standard poodle with her litter of creams, apricots, reds, and blacks. 
Basket of black standard poodle puppies.
Black standard poodle puppy at 7 weeks old.Blue standard poodle puppy at 7 weeks old--turning from black to brownish to blue.Black standard poodle puppy at 7 weeks.
Fun in the snow with apricot and silver and black phantom standard poodles.
Litter of black and black with white markings standard poodle puppies.
Standard poodle puppy with work boot.Large apricot standard poodle with daugher, black standard poodle puppy.Dean with small black standard poodle puppy.Standard poodles love kids of all ages.Family-raised parti-colored phantom standard poodle.
2010 1126puddlejumperpuppies01322010 1126puddlejumperpuppies02072010 1126puddlejumperpuppies0204Phantom standard poodle wedding day, kids play doggy dress up.Standard poodles are the best dog breed for children.29410 394846603323 716643323 3980141 7660316 nOne day old standard poodle puppy.Apricot and silver and black phantom standard poodles.Kids with silver and black standard poodle.
2010 1101ajdezialiyaerin0013New litter of standard poodle puppies.Kids chilling with standard poodles.2010 1126puddlejumperpuppies0241Kids loving silver and black phantom standard poodle.Black standard poodle puppy.Big apricot male standard poodle puppy.
2010 1101ajdezialiyaerin0011Light apricot standard poodle.
Adorable moments with silver and black standard poodle.
Large apricot standard poodle stud.
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