Puddle Jumper Puppies - Beautiful AKC Family-Raised Standard Poodles.
Poodle Colors
We do not guarantee coat coloring. From the first day old to the 8th week to adulthood coloring CAN change dramatically.
~Silvers are born black and take 2-3 weeks to turn.
~Blues & grays are born black and take several weeks to turn & up to 2-3 years to "clear" into their final coloring.
For a full list of poodle coloring please see the AKC's list, found at:
Special note on Black versus Blue coloring
(Declan & Zoe's puppies):
The difference between a blue and black standard poodle puppy.
On left (Mila) is Blue & on right (Zelda) is Black.
A blue's face will appear a brownish gray, until it clears into a bluish or gun metal gray sheen (wthin 2 to 3 years).
Blue Mila & Audrey
Black Nina
It's pretty difficult to see the difference in photos, until they "clear."
Silver versus Blue coloring:
Miles is a beautiful Silver (changed by 6 weeks of age).
Sweet Baby is a gorgeous  Blue.
Sweet Baby Gray at 1 year old.
Gorgeous gunmetal gray standard poodle color clearing at 1 year old.
Special note on apricot, light red and red varieties:
Red Apricot Cream
shades of red
shades of red in adults
Special note on white & cream in coloring:
White poodle
Cream poodle
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