Puddle Jumper Puppies - Beautiful AKC Family-Raised Standard Poodles.

Each have excellent temperaments and pedigrees.  None of our dogs ever live in kennels; they each live in our homes, as part of our families.
Our Boys
Our black and tan phantom boy is one tough looking poodle, who is just as sweet, eager-to-please, intelligent, and cuddly as can be.  We just love his coloring & markings--so striking!  
Osgood's Phantom Takumi CGC
"Taco" for short, according to the kids.
Takumi is as sweet as can be.  Tak is very loving, intelligent, calm, loyal, and nurturing.  He plays "nana" to the puppies & is a total sweetheart.  He is also amazing in obedience training.  His trainer referred to him as "too perfect" and he was often accused of showing off in class.  Takumi just earned his CGC (Canine Good Citizen) certification at 11 months old; our 10 year old son took him through the classes to prepare for testing (I was taking a puppy through classes for a boy with Autism).  Tak produces lovey, engaging, & eager-to-please temperaments much like his own.
Height:  27" (at shoulder)
Weight:  70#
AKC Registered: PR16242207
DNA Profile:  V689102
OFA:  Both parents certified as Good
OFA/CERF:  Parents' eyes certified
vW: Both parents clear
Heart: Normal (10/12)
Liver: Normal (10/12)
Kidneys: Normal (10/12)
Thyroid: Normal (10/12)
Patellas: Normal (10/12)
Earned Canine Good Citizen title (06/13)

Borrowed Studs
Height: 24"
Weight: 50 lb.
AKC Reg #PR19139209
DNA Profile #V834536

Raised with kids, very social and affectionate personality.


Our Retired Boys

Large black standard poodle with therapy dog potential.Zion is very alert, playful, and affectionate.  He is quite the socialite during gatherings.  He is a hit at the local parade each year.  Zion loves to strut his stuff, and knows he's pretty impressive.  Zion shares a significant amount of successful therapy dogs in his bloodline.  He is a true black.
Height:  27" (at shoulder)
Weight:  74#
AKC/CKC Registered.
AKC Reg #PR14164603
AKC DNA Profile #:  V623057
OFA Certified #OFA26F
Black Standard Poodle with long lines of therapy dogs in his background.
Black Standard Poodle with long lines of therapy dogs in his background.
California Royal Grand apricot standard poodle male.
My husband and I made the decision to retire our big, beautiful apricot sire, Declan. He is the sire of our 10/10/11 red/apricot litter and is still very young. But, he is my husband's baby and he would like to use him more exclusively as his hunting dog. He wants him to be able to focus on his training without the distraction of losing his attention on a female in heat throughout the countryside. He has produced real beauties--very calm, sensitive, intelligent, and sweet temperaments.  But, he will live out his life as an irreplaceable part of our family.  
Declan is very affectionate, calm, and adaptable.  He is a big laid back sweetie; he can't get enough of the kids snuggling with him.  Declan has a very large and impressive stature.  He is an eye-catching apricot.
Height:  27" (at shoulder)
Weight:  70#
AKC/CKC/UKC Registered.
AKC DNA profile#: V613013
We lost our unforgettably wonderful Declan to complications with Lymes & Anaplasmosis (bacteria transmitted from wood ticks).  Declan was never a complainer & didn't show any signs that he was in pain until it had already taken quite a toll--antibiotics did not work quick enough....  Declan was more concerned about making sure our kids were feeling comforted and secure than he ever was about his own comfort.  He will be dearly missed. 
On a more positive note, we are glad to say that we did keep one of Declan & Zoe's baby girls, Sweet Baby.  Declan passed on his calm & compassionate nature to her.  Sweet Baby has never met a stranger & wiggles her way into everyone's good graces. 
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