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Parti-colored Poodles

Many, many years ago

(since the 15th or 16th century)

when Standard Poodles only existed in Europe, they were commonly multi-colored (Parti) . By the 17th century, when Americans began importing them, they were attracted more to the solid colored Standards and began breeding strictly for solid colors. This was good, for a time, but eventually the parti gene began to surface...and try as they might, a parti would be birthed despite all efforts to prevent it. Rather than to perpetuate the Parti color,and rather than to be shamed by fellow breeders for a "tainted" litter, the breeders would "get rid of" the pup(s)...either giving it away or by destroying it.

In 1884, twelve various dog breed club leaders were united at the Philadelphia Kennel Club to form a unified dog club, to include all breeds... and thus the AKC was born.. When AKC wrote the guidelines for the Standard Poodle (all poodles, infact) it was written to include ONLY solid colors. Despite this predjudice, the AKC does acknowledge all colors (including parti) in the registration process...however, it does not permit entrance into the AKC show ring.

While the AKC still holds fast to it's unfounded ,unjustified archaic breed standard of color, we as a people, are getting away from this primitive way of thinking... and the popularity of the Parti poodle has taken off like a rocket!

Additionally, inspite of the efforts of many a Solid breeder, Partis (and other multi colored) are now allowed to register with the United Kennel Club (UKC) and participate fully in conformation! Parti Poodles are exactly the same as solid poodles in every way...grace, agility, intelligence, beauty, dedication, devotion, protection, obedience...the ONLY variance is in the COLOR...and what a beaituful variance it is!

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