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Past Puppies and

their familys' Testimonials

Daisy (litter name Stella)

Sweet Baby & Takumi's baby girl

"Hi Mary,

Daisy is everything we hoped for - playful, cuddly, smart - and we think that she is going to be very beautiful. I can't wait to see her adult color.

First snows are here so we have had lots of fun with that - poodles are great dogs for winter!

Thanks again,


Seeley Rose (litter name Zuri)

“Hi Mary,

Just a quick note to let you know how much we LOVE our new girl. She is so playful and energetic, but she is sleeping through the night too! She loves to play outside. She is growing so fast, already has gained almost 4lbs since we got her 2 weeks ago. She'll be starting puppy kindergarten this week. People are amazed by her looks and calm demeanor. She only whines/barks when the kids try to carry her too much or when a plant spooks her in the yard! She is doing very well with potty training. Her accidents only happen when the kids get her overexcited. She has been ok with her baths, but tonight showed us she prefers to shower by climbing in with Evan!

Thank you so much for sharing Seeley with us. We could not be more pleased.

Leah and Family"

"Hi Mary!

Happy holidays to you and your family! We hope you have a wonderful holiday season.

Our Seeley is still the best thing that has happened to us this year. She is so smart and funny. She loves to be outside with us and easily let's us put on her winter booties.




“Thank you for giving us such a wonderful gift. Oh dear this puppy is a love. Luna is everywhere I am. We have her out and about already!!! Gary was out of town and when he came in Luna did a vertical hop all around the kitchen. :)"

Gary & Jaimie Humbert

"Just to let you know, Luna is the sweetest most intuitive puppy we have ever had. [My husband] Gary said I am amazed by this dog. She is the sweetest thing."


"Gary just asked if you were planning a spring litter of Black and Tans!! He will never get another dog unless it's from u."

The Humbert Family came back for another standard poodle, Thor or Theo, from Takumi and Zoe's litter: "Theo has been a breeze to train. He is so calm and focused. He is the sweetest dog. They all (4 of her poodles, including Luna, another phantom from us) nose kiss all day."

Floyd (Sweet Baby & Takumi baby) 


(litter name Gem/Sweet Baby & Takumi girl)


(litter name Avery/Sweet Baby & Takumi girl)

"Hi Mary,

Here's a little update on how Luna is doing. First of all she is so sweet! Her feet have barely been on the ground her first two days with us. We've spent a lot of time cuddling her. When she does get on the ground she usually stays still and whines to be picked up. We've made some progress today and she is exploring a little bit. I started taking her out with the other dogs, carrying her all the way to the end of the driveway. This has helped potty training and she goes right away with Oscar and Chester. On the way up the drive we practice walking on a leash. Again, it helps to have the other dogs with because she wants to follow them. If they aren't with us she plants her feet in hard. I'm definitely seeing a bit of a stubborn side in her. Oscar and Chester are not adjusting too well. Funny, I thought Oscar would have the hardest time but he seems to tolerate her the best. Chester is thrown off and is drooling a lot. Crate training has been a breeze. She rode home in her crate and only whimpered twice. The two nights she spent with us she has gone into her crate and not made a peep until 5:30 am when she needs to go out. We take her out and she takes care of business. Then we put her back in her crate until we get up, without any complaints. We just adore our little sweetie. I'll keep you updated on her progress and send pictures when I have a chance.

Thank you,

Jacki Baschiera"

"Luna is doing great! She has just kind of blended right into the family. The other dogs have pretty much accepted her. They occasionally give her a growl if she gets too playful. Her personality is coming out. She is still cautious but has been exploring more and more. She's even figured out how to get over the kitchen gate (it's maybe 10" tall). We went to the vet yesterday and she did excellent. One of the techs was particularly taken with her and Luna ate up the attention. I've been taking pictures of her but they all look pretty bad. She's so dark you can never see her face. I'll keep trying.




(litter name Bolt / Sweet Baby & Takumi boy)

"Thought you would like an update on Charles Le Chein (Charley or Bolt). He is 37 lbs at 4 months. He is fully housetrained (it was easier than we thought it would be) He is coming along on his obedience, yet he remains the mouthy, full of personality puppy, ready to disagree... at any time with what we want him to do, but then he does it anyway. He has acclimated to our varied and active lifestyle. He has done motel rooms, motorhome, road trip of 26 hours straight...twice, many guests visiting us, many dogs of guests visiting us, castration (ouch), you-name-it and never caused a problem. He fetches!! retrieves and drops! (never had a poodle who did that). He is a member of our family and no one in our family will ever live in a kennel or be chained. Naturally, he sleeps for short periods in bed with us and spends some time on the couch, looking out the window to do his guard duty.

In short, he is a typical, yet outstanding standard poodle and we would expect nothing less, right?

Thanks for Charley!! He is much loved and more of a therapy dog than anyone is willing to admit."

Sophia (litter name Selena / Sweet Baby & Takumi girl)

We love our Sophie!! She is perfect for us! She goes everywhere with me and loves the attention she gets from everyone! She is not afraid of strangers and loves to meet them - human and canine! She is very active and also loves to cuddle with me which is exactly what I was looking for!"

"Hello again!

Here is a few pics of with her favorite stuffed animal, one with her favorite ball, and one with her booties on so she can play outside without getting her tootsies cold! She has been a blast to train and play with! She knows sit, stay, lay down, roll over, wait, back, left paw, right paw, and off! She is so sensitive to voice tones and is a hoot to watch think through a command! Our lab just tries everything he knows until we give him the treat. But Sophie will be completely still for a few seconds and the slowly and quietly respond to the command. 9 times out of 10 she gets it right....I just have to give her the time to think it through! So adorable!"


(litter name Sterling / Sweet Baby & Tak boy)

"Thank you, Mary! It was really nice to meet you and your cute family! And I was so impressed by your Standard Poodles. I appreciate you

sending the pics from today! Fun to look through them, and it'll be so nice for me to have a photo of me on the day we picked up Charlie. I'm usually the one behind the camera. Speaking of, here are some cute pictures of Annie loving on the new baby - she is smitten with him!"

"I think he has to be the best snuggler I have ever known! SOOO tender, it just melts my heart..."

 "Hello Mary and Family,

My name is Malory from La Crosse, WI. Over a year ago we adopted Raji from your January litter of 2012. His parents are Zion ...and Violet. I just wanted to let you know how amazing our experience with Raji has been. We have owned poodles before, but he is by far the most sociable, loving, and caring poodle we’ve had. He has brought the light into our lives. His personality is so strange, he acts like he’s a human! So many people complement us on what a beautiful dog he is. I’d just like to thank you for allowing us to adopt him to become part of our family.

Thank you,


"Hi Mary,

Fiji is doing great! He is very calm and happy. The picture shows Sydney reading him a story on her bed.


He is making great strides in house training, already going to the door to tell us he needs to go out. He also mastered stairs in the first few days. Fiji is sleeping thru the night most nights too. And he started puppy class last week.

Thank you so much for raising this sweet puppy. We are so happy!

Take care,


Lucy (litter name Keira / Ireland & Zion baby)

"Hi Mary,

Here is a picture of Lucy and Lucky - the collie. They are best of friends!!

Thanks....she's a sweet heart!

Stan & Peg Bieda"

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