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Past Puppies

and their familys' testimonials

A big thank you to all of the wonderful

families that adopted

our precious puppies.

We are thrilled that they are in

such good hands!

Dublin (formerly Malcolm)

Milwaukee, WI


He [Dublin] is doing great! He went to the vet yesterday and passed with flying colors…everyone was petting him. And yes, his favorites are me and Ellen but he is warming up to John and to my son, Ed. We had snow this morning and that was a big hit. He does not like bedtime in his crate….missed his siblings but hopefully that will get better soon.

I will send photos soon…I would like go get Ellen in her Irish dance dress/wig with Dublin. J

One of Ellen’s friends has three St. Bernard’s (yes three!) and they stopped over to see him last night…they can’t believe how cuddly he is.

Thanks again"

"He’s a hoot—and not as lazy as all of these photos show. I especially like him smelling the magnolias….he walks up and smells our plants..lilacs, etc.

We took him on a day trip to Kohler Andrae State Park over Memorial Day weekend…they have a dog beach but he was very afraid of Lake Michigan. He does love the sprinkler and gets soaked whenever I’m watering my garden."

Casey (formerly Liam)

Milwaukee, WI

Red/apricot AKC, UKC, CKC standard poodle puppy available."Just wanted to report on Casey. He's so CUTE! No messes...knock on wood. Today is the third day that we're letting him have roaming privileges of the livingroom and diningroom. His crate is in there with the door open (which we only used the one day---he slept in our room last night), all the toys we bought him that he seems to enjoy. He's just so good and we put a lot of trust in him. Still not crating him and he's doing well. Again, knock on wood! What a sweet puppy.

Thank you, Sue"

"We all still LOVE Casey very much. We went to Warrens, WI for the weekend...or so our plan and left Friday afternoon. Our good friend/neighbor watched him until noonish on Saturday. Well, Saturday afternoon we get a call from my niece who cannot get him outside. He doesn't know her as well. When she called us you could hear him bark. She put me on speaker so I could talk and it got him outside. We were all so sad and missing him that we ended up coming back Sunday morning. We took him up with us in June but couldn't get a pet friendly room this time. Now we know, like American Express, we won't leave home without him. Smile."


will not leave his master's side. He has proved to be a constant companion and the best dog his owner's have ever had.



"I wanted to write you a little update about our Daisy and let you know how much we LOVE her!

She is a great dog! Always has a big smile on our face, never a dull moment with her!

She and Molly are the best of friends! She even loves the cats! She could taunt them all day long! And they play right back! She is SO smart and was sitting and "high-fiving" within 2 days! She LOVES to go fishing and we love to take our walks. Thank you SO much for an awesome puppy, we couldnt be happier!

Thanks again!!"

"Daisy sends her love and kisses! :-)"

"Daisy wanted to pop in to say hello! She is quite the cuddler!"

Lexi (formerly Butterfly)


"This picture with the sunglasses is a good representation of Lexi and the song I sing to her called "I'm Lexi and I know it!" (after the song called "I'm sexy and I know it!") lol."

"Can't believe our little baby Lexi formerly Butterfly is already 5 1/2 months old! My husband and I are so in love with her and she is doing great!! She loves to sleep during the day and she loves to sun bathe. She is learning to play fetch with a tennis ball.

When it's time to go outside, she is ready to rock! Over the fourth of July weekend, we were in Montello and she has turned into quite the little swimmer! I have never had a dog that loved the water so much at such a young age! I attached a few pics from last week so you can see how much she's growing. She weighs 34lbs and is scheduled to be spayed this week. She sends her hugs and kisses!

Thanks again!

"Lexi is doing great and is as sweet as ever. We love her so much and can tell how much she loves us too!"

Anita (formerly Aurora)

Green Bay, WI

"We are so happy.

Aurora attracted to my 5 yr old. They played all night and she followed him everywhere. When it was time for bed, she sat by his door and whimpered. she wanted to be near him. She is so precious. my old boys were a lil jealous that Aurora wanted to stay by him, but they were having a blast with her to. I would love to keep in touch. Send you updates and pics. Thank you so very much. We love her to pieces already."

"Ohhh she is beautiful and sweet and everything I wanted in a doggie. She is an all around energetic part of our family. I have all boys, energy is a normal thing in my house hold.

Once again thank you for Anita we love her more than words can show."

Isabelle & her new big sister, Lexi

Appleton, WI

"Isabelle slept beautifully last night. She found a perfect spot underneath my desk in the kitchen. We made a bed for her and rubbed mama's scent on it. She slept all night long!! We cannot believe how well trained she is for being so young! She doesn't nibble on anything but her toy's, and if she does, she has a very soft mouth. We can tell the love and gentleness of you and your children do amazing things!"

"Bella is VERY smart!!!!! She reminds us of our first standard. She loves the smell of leather, beef and diapers!! Ha! Ha! She loves veggies, fruit and popcorn. She thinks she is a baby, LOVES TO BE CUDDLED!!!!! Kids can climb on her, poke her and prod her and she does not mind. She has made up her own games with tennis balls, rolling them down steps to retrieve and under the couches and chairs to see if she can get them back( I personally don't like this one as I have to retrieve them for her) :)

Dear Isabelle is well loved and treated like the "baby" of the family. We thank you so much for giving us the opportunity for being her family.

Blessings, Mary!"

Flynn & Ava

Ireland & Declan's red baby boy & Zion's Black baby girl went to live together with their new family in Woodbury, MN.

"I want to thank you both for taking time yesterday to let my kids come out your farm to see Flynn and Ava. My kids are both thrilled to bring the pups home. Both these pups are sweethearts and I am so glad we found you guys. That is awesome that this worked out for both pups. These two will get lots of love and attention and be great additions to the family. You both are awesome.

God Bless"

"We all so love the pups. Each has their own distinct personality. Its humorous. They love to wrestle and play together in the yard. Will send an updated pic later this week with kids. Thank you so much!"

Ozzy (formerly Vin)

LaValle, WI

"Thank you so much. We just love Ozzy. We took Ozzy to his FIRST rodeo this past weekend and wow, was he amazing! Everyone loved him...actually, one lady wanted to BUY him. I told her NO but that I'd see if you had any puppies available now. So, let me know!!! He is other way to describe him other than PERFECT!"

Max (formerly Jasper)

"We love him!! He is doing great. People who meet him are blown away by how calm and sensible he is. He is the best dog my wife and I have every had. We started him in a puppy obedience class. The man who is teaching the class was very impressed with him and asked who his breeder is, and he has been doing it for 40 years. Also a friend who saw him has given out your website to several people.

Thank you, we appreciate the good job you do with Poodles."

Nina (formerly Bianca)

with her new mom in MN

Nina is the new mascot at the

ALL 4 Dogs grooming salon in

Blaine, MN

We are completely in LOVE!!!! She had a great night and has yet to have an accident :) Our frenchie who is 7yrs old is completely smitten with her, and she is fitting in perfectly. She can hold her own pretty well ;) I took her to the shop today and shaved her face, feet, banded her tail, trimmed nails and plucked ear hair. She wasn't to fond of the ear hair (who can blame her) but she was FANTASTIC for all the other stuff. Oh, and she was bathed and blow dried, she's going to be pooped out tonight. She has met about 10 people in the last 2 days and greets them all with a wagging tail and a sweet face.

Thank you so much Mary and I'll be sending you a ridiculous amount of pictures. I don't know if your on Facebook but if you are, check out All4Dogs, my grooming shop in Blaine. Take care

Teddy (formerly Ivan) & Chloe

Leesburg, VA

Donated to an amazing boy

for emotional therapy needs

Stayed at an attachment and trauma conference for a week and charmed everyone.

& Chloe joined her brother Teddy for therapy needs with an awesome new friend for life!

Together again!

Cosmo with his new dad and friends in MN

They are meeting the goal of introducing Cosmo to 300 people by the time he is 4 months old. Cosmo will be a social butterfly.

"Hello Mary! Here's a picture of Cosmo in the Fall of 2012, about 15 months old, enjoying a hike with his Mom.

Zoe & Zion's new pups are beautiful!! We couldn't be happier with our Cozzy! He's a wonderful boy.

Best to all of you"

Ruby June (or Ruby Tuesday)

with her new family in


"More Wags, Less Barks" :)

Ruby joins the family with Ollie, a big black standard.

Ruby's new family said that she had won their hearts and they were so excited to pick her up they could barely sleep. Ruby's new mom, Rose: "I'm so grateful that one of our kids came across your website Sunday night - and that it's working out we can share one of your puppies. This morning we looked at your site again and the pictures of all the families that have been able to share the joy of your poodles. Roni said that when we're ready for another puppy in a couple of years, we'll come back to you."

"Here is a typical pose for our little sweet potato! The closer she can be to Ollie, the happier she is.

She has wiggled her way into the hearts of our whole family. The kids love her and so do we.

Her temperament is as wonderful as the day we got her. She is happy, gentle and loves people. She wiggles her whole body whenever the kids arrive. With other dogs, she is friendly, accommodating and gentle. She has no need to be alpha, but she is confident.

Thank you so much for our happy Ruby!"

Sweet Andy (formerly Rodgers) is going to his wonderful new family with his new sister, Ruby & new brother, Ollie. He is sure to be adored!!!

"We are crazy about Andy! He is a wonderful dog!

He is a happy dog with a sweet temperament. He is very bright and learns so quickly. He adores his sister Ruby. They look like twins. And out of our three poodles, he is the most athletic. He easily clears our 32" indoor gate - much to our surprise! Sometimes it seems like he has springs for feet. He loves to run and jump and play with Ruby. He is the one with the prance in his step. And even though at night they each have their own bed, they both crowd up onto Ollie's bed. Ollie doesn't mind at all.

Roni takes him to obedience class each week and he is learning fast. He wants to please. We are taking him everywhere so he can experience lots of people and situations.

Much love"

LuLu (formerly Greta)

"Greta is in bed with Elle now. Elle completely enjoyed your two youngest. You have a lovely family. Please tell [your niece] Tynia that I enjoyed meeting her and she can email anytime to check in on Greta."

"I just wanted to let you know that Greta (who is now Lucy or LuLu) is doing great. She is and Eva our 8 year old are attached at the hip. If you could forward some of these pictures to your niece who I met the day we got her I would appreciate it greatly."

London (formerly Brulee)

with her new family in

Columbus, WI

London is doing great! We have been very busy with her as you can imagine. She is really growing...thin and tall...was 17.5 lbs. the end of March. She is very smart and doing well in her puppy class. She is learning commands and is good with sit and down...loves treats....potty training is going well too. We have been socializing as much as possible. She visited State St. in Madison today and was very popular. She seems to love everyone

Gorgeous black standard poodle puppy.

Gorgeous black standard poodle puppy.

Stanley (formerly Goliath)

Lives with his wondrerful family in MN

He is a naughty puppy! His new "trick" is to quietly go into the bathroom and grab the end of the toilet paper roll, at which point he runs like lightening anywhere in the house, pulling a trail of toilet paper behind him. He also likes to give us our exercise. When we go outside for potty breaks he likes to be chased and caught and doesn't really like just coming inside. It must be turned in to an adventure. BUT! We couldn't have asked for a better addition to our family. Stanley is so sweet and loving. He loves cuddling up on your lap or next to you on the floor, but at the same time he has his crazy hours. He LOVES to play and jump and run around like any puppy. Training is slow because we are still enjoying his company. He is close to mastering "sit" and "stay" and if he is on carpet, he can do "down." He rarely barks and only does so if you deserve it! Although, we are down to one accident a day and he is great about going potty. So far he has even peed and pooped on the leash! He loves his walks but there are streets of doom where large dogs roam. Their barking isn't his favorite and when that does happens he likes to be quickly carried home.

Humphrey went to live

with his brother Stanley

"All is wonderful here. Humphrey settled right in and is loved by all.........SHOCKER! :) He and Stanners are buddies, Humphrey would prefer Stanley to stop trying to have his "way with him", but Humphrey does sometimes put him in his place. Stay in touch and God Bless you and your family for our little loves."

Gorgeous black standard poodle puppy, spoiled with all of his toys.

Gorgeous black standard poodle puppy, spoiled with all of his toys.

Bailey (formerly Frothy)

with his new mom in LaValle, WI

Aubree (formerly Cinnamon)

with her new mom in

LaValle, WI

Aubree's new parents can be seen walking her all over LaValle--doted on and spoiled rotten. :)

Gorgeous black standard poodle puppy with her new family.

Gorgeous black standard poodle puppy with her new family.

Arwen (formerly Zelda)

with her new family in

Monona, WI

"Dear Mary and Dean,

We are in love. She is adorable, good natured, loving and lovable, smart and growing fast.

You did a wonderful job of socializing her, and she is comfortable around people, children, and other dogs. She doesn’t like parked cars for some reason. Stops dead in her tracks and doesn’t want to walk past them. She certainly has personality. And what can I say...she has captured our hearts.

She passed her first vet exam with flying colors.

Thank you so much for her.

We hope you have a prosperous and peaceful New Year filled with love and joy.

Warm regards"

Tank & Paris

(Tank's wonderful family came back for Miss Paris).

Gorgeous large black standard poodle puppy with his new family.


with his new mom in

Beaver Dam, WI

"They [Tank & Paris] are getting along great and she already showed him she We just love her laid back way, just like a princess. thanks, Becky"

"Hi Mary,

Tank is doing great,he is so loving and such a mommy's The first night with him was great. I put Tank in the kennel by my bed and he slept through the whole night till 6am and I put him out he went he went potty. He's such an angel. I took to groomer and had nails clipped and ears shaved out and all the girls fell in love. lol 

"This is Tank and Da Vinci they are brothers. We have alot of fun with Tank.Tank goes to see his brother often and to play. DaVinci lives by the lake and loves when Tank comes over to play and he loves to push him in the I walk Tank everyday about a hour and it's great for both of us. Tank is very laid back at home and we love it. Tank also goes to daycare 2x a week and loves that too. so long for now. P.S. If we could we would buy another puppy."


with his new mom in

New Lisbon, WI

"Thank you soooo much for the joy you brought to my husband…..he hadn’t smiled since Tringka passed, he took that very hard.

He is great and we love him already!! We will surely keep you updated with pictures as he grows!

He is so smart!! The potty training is going awesome too!! He is already going over to the door!! We expect a few accidents but really hasn’t had any except the first day. He sleeps between us (just so you know he is not spoiled at all) and wakes my husband up to go potty at night. I forgot how fun puppies can be!! I thought he would miss his mates but he is well adjusted and playful. He is also learning quickly to play fetch with a rubber ball!!

Again, thank you so much!!

Best wishes and may God bless your family!!"

"Hello Mary and family!!

Boomer is wonderful!! He has gotten so big and such a smart boy too!! He is VERY tall….and beautiful….and such a wonderful personality and very sensitive to our feelings….everyone that comes to our house LOVES the Boomer!! Enclosed is a couple recent pictures of him…..his new friend is my son’s black lab and they have lots of fun together!!

Loren and Cheryl"

"Boomer is a wonderful guy, friendly, loves the grandkids, any kid really. He is very sensitive...he followed me everywhere and was right at my side….lol, what a guy he is, love him to death! Thanks so much!!


Sweet black standard poodle puppy, with white chin, with his new family.

Sweet black standard poodle puppy, with white chin, with his new family.


with his new family in

Sun Prairie, WI

"Hi! Milo is doing great! He is really sweet & happy.

He seems to know how to sit and to “beg” already, and he heels well too. Did you teach him all of this [at 8 weeks]? Potty training is going well – he seems like he knows he should come back in and sit still for a treat, and sometimes he sits up and begs for it – very cute!

We love him to pieces!"

Dottie - What a beauty!

with her new family in

Madison, WI

Dottie's mom,

Thanks for sharing her professional pic that shows her beautiful features, even in all black. ;)


Just wanted to let you know that our puppy is doing well. She was understandably a bit timid the first day but is now quite at home and loves (and is loved by) everyone in the family. She is doing well on the housetraining and is also eating well too.

Will send pictures when she is bigger.

Take care"

"Hi Mary,

Dottie is growing fast and doing very well. She seems to especially love little girls and has made friends with a couple that are in our puppy class. Speaking of puppy classes, her sister Arwin is in the same class on Wednesday evenings. I was surprised at how big Arwin was when the class started a week ago, but this week Dottie seems to be catching up with her. So far, Dot has been fairly easy to train as she really wants to please her people. She is just great and we are really enjoying her."

"Hi Mary,

Just wanted to send you an updated picture of Dottie. I won a raffle at work to have her picture taken by a professional pet photographer which was great because as you know all-black poodles are tough to photograph. She is such a wonderful dog and we have been so happy with her. People can’t believe she is only one and a half years old because she is so calm and obedient.

Best regards"

Da Vinci (formerly Alpha)

with his new family in

Beaver Dam, WI

Vita (formerly Diva)

with her new family in

the Twin Cities, MN

"She is doing wondeful. I think she may have been a little home sick at first but she is adapting well. Potty training is going great too, I think only a few slip ups so far. She also already has a favorite toy. My mom has decided on a new name as of today, so its going from diva to vita. From the saying "la dolce vita" which in italian translates to "the sweet life". So vita means life. I can send you pics soon of her growth!"

"Vita is doing well, full of energy and still a real lover. I should have named her shadow because she follows me everywhere! She loves to fetch and we go on a two mile walk almost nightly. I recently had to put my 11 year old standard down, it broke my heart so Vita has filled that void. She is a wonderful dog and quite a conversation on our nightly walks.

Thanks for keeping in touch!


Lizzy with her new family in

LaValle, WI

Lizzy & Alice have been a pair since day one (literally).

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