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Puppy Starter Kit

We want you to be successful with

your new puppy from the very start.

So, along with your new perfect pet

we will include:

sqeak toywith mom's scent

~a small toy with mommy's scent

~a collar and leash

~a sample of puppy food (that your puppy has been weaned on)

~your puppy's pedigree and registration information

~your puppy's veterinarian/vaccination records


~tails will be docked and dew claws removed*

*Policy on Docking Tails & Removing Dew Claws

Docking the tails & removing the dewclaws is recommended to be done by 2-5 days old, while the tissue is still soft [and therefore not as painful]. It is unusual to know which color and temperament in the litter would be a good match from the first week of age, let alone the first day -- personalities and coloring can change quite a bit throughout the first 8 weeks.

Several other countries have changed the standard to dock poodle's tails. They are much less of a nuisance than a Lab's overactive and powerful tail. But our veterinarian shared with us some horror stories about leaving dew claws in tact, especially for dogs with higher grooming needs. The dew claws can be nicked with a shaver [and can actually hemorrhage]. Therefore, if we are going to remove the dew claws it makes sense to dock the tail at the same time, as docking tails is the AKC breed standard. Unfortunately until the AKC decides to change their breed standard the majority of people expect it to be done.  

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